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Apex BioTek was founded with the mission of contributing to the development of life science industry . Apex BioTek insists on providing  professional services and competitive discounts to scientists and researchers. We are a biology-focused and contract research service company offers comprehensive services around  antibody discovery, PK/PD and bioanalysis,  as well as other research and development services for government, University/College , biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and academic.

Our service extent include (not limited to ) chemistry, immunology, cancer biology, molecular biology and other field can provide a variety of assay development: including  ELISA assay development,  Antibody arrays, Protein arrays, Peptide arrays, Phosphorylation assays, Western blotting assays, and so on.

As a service provider,  Apex BioTek apply our scientific expertise and proprietary technologies to develop products. we understands your needs. we are focused on  offering  scientific expertise, high-quality and consistent deliveries, which constantly meet or exceed the client expectations.We work with you on your project with your specific goals and requirements in mind. Our personalized approach to solving the scientific problems of our clients is what sets us apart. Apex BioTek provides our clients with the very highest quality customer service and research execution.


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