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Apex BioTek optimize the conditions of production for your cell line to make sure consistently high yields at the lowest production cost, and our design control procedures are capable of fully documenting the development process to support submission to Regulatory agencies. Apex BioTek proprietary technologies enable us to provide high-quality recombinant cell lines for various functional assays and for high throughput drug screening.

  • Antibody and antigen production from engineered cell lines

  • Engineered protein purification, analysis and characterization

  • Production scales from t-flasks to bioreactors

  • cGMP production facilities and a fully developed Quality System

  • cGMP Bio Safety Level 2 facility available

  • Cell Line Capabilities

  • Cell line growth performance evaluation

  • Bio-manufacturing and analytical capabilities include recombinant protein production , monoclonal antibodies produced in hybridomas, and viral lysates/virus produced from large-scale cell cultures.

  • Cell line yield, stability and protein expression characterization

  • Full-time 24/7 monitored cryostorage.

Cell Culture Collection Services

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