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Transgenic Services

Apex BioTek offer a custom request-based platform providing full-scale service from gene cloning, making gene expression vector/targeting construct, pronuclear/blastocyst microinjection, genotyping, to characterizations of phenotypes at both in vitro and in vivo levels in the mouse.

Contents of service:

  • Making expression vector for producing transgenic mice, making gene targeting construct for producing knockout, knockdown, and knock-in mice, and constructing BAC clones containing haplotype(s) or vulnerable loci for a particular type of disease for generating

  • BAC transgenic mice    

  • Homologous recombination, ES cell screening, determining transgene copy number in transgenic founder mice

  • Mouse breeding, mouse genotyping, and determining heterozygous/homozygous in knockout/down/in mice, and hemizygous/homozygous in transgenic mice

  • Basic characterization of mutant mice at molecular and histological levels

  • Phenotypical characterization of mutant mice in various systems including behaviors, cancer biology and oncogene, cardiovascular system, CNS, immunology, inflammation and infection, metabolic

      disease, and other systems.

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